1. livia avatar

    On 08.26.11 at 10:19 PM, livia said:

    the exact same tattoo? with the flowers too?

  2. becccamonster avatar

    On 04.14.11 at 3:10 PM, becccamonster said:

    damnit. i've been planning to get that exact same tattoo, just different placement. guess i shouldn't be too mad, can't expect nobody else to have it. looks sick, though.

  3. sohappystoned avatar

    On 03.23.11 at 12:34 AM, sohappystoned said:

    this is really sick. D: I am amazed.

  4. FunkFreshBF avatar

    On 03.07.11 at 9:42 PM, FunkFreshBF said:

    soooo beautiful.... LOVE

  5. LAFrench avatar

    On 03.03.11 at 6:25 PM, LAFrench said:

    thats badass

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